• 2LP: 2017 Repress
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Konstellaatio is another Mika Vainio masterpiece as his original alias Ø on the native label Sähkö Recordings that Mika co-founded in 1993.

As previously reported, electronic music vet Mika Vainio will soon return with a new Pan Sonic album, but first up will be a full-length from his resurrected Ø alias.

While Vainio issued his Kilo LP under his own name earlier this year, as well as a collaborative LP with Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley, this will be the first Ø album since 2011's Heijastuva. A press release notes that the nine-song Konstellaatio was produced in Berlin and features ambient tracks that "crossing off borders between techno and private spaces."

As for Vainio himself, he said of Konstellaatio: "I no longer know which genre this music belongs to."

Ø: Konstellaatio

Otava Ø
Syvyydessä Kimallus Ø
Kesäyön Haltijat Ø
Neutronin Ø
Elämän Puu Ø
Talvipäivä, Vanha Motelli Ø
Metsän Sydän Ø
Syvänteessä Pukinjalkaisen Ø
Takaisin Ø

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