Preset Music

Constellation Tatsu PURR 0095 MC
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OCA is a collaborative project by producer and musician Yo van Lenz (Through My Speakers, Monkeytown Records) and artist Florian T M Zeisig (Important Records/Cassauna, No Disk)

At the intersection of music being presented in a certain framework, questions regarding musical quality, intentionality, virtuosity and purpose arise. The work 'Preset Music' engages with questions regarding compositional intentions. Notes, chords - and often times improvised snippets of music - are exclusively serving the purpose of showcasing the instrument itself. 'Preset Music' aims to display the juxtaposition of intentionality and non-intentionality in music and composition. With the gesture of intentionally sampling and composing, using non- intentional musical material - in the sense of purposive presentation regarding the instrument – the seven compositions stand in direct contrast to the presenters' original intentions.

'Preset Music' is the result of complex sampling strategies working with looped segments, automation, pitch, timbre, speed and mapping amongst other.

OCA: Preset Music

HeavenCent OCA 5'22''
Nylon OCA 6'48''
Astro Pong OCA 4'45''
MalibuNite OCA 4'03''
FallnAngel OCA 12'15''
Harmo Rain OCA 2'56''
East Pond OCA 9'21''

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