Motion Ward MW-005
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New LP Moscow-based recording artist OL aka Oleg Buyanov. His most recent work, the double LP "Height Difference" on the seminal Gost Zvuk label, saw him transmit his research in soviet sound heritage into a range of genres and tempos. On "Dismeteo", we see him inhabit a similar atmosphere, refracted through a different lens of influence. In Buyanov's own words, "The tracks are like concrete blocks & buildings lost in the woods. It's a point where correct geometry and mathematical constructions meet with organic forms.

OL: Dismeteo

Purant Chaos Voices OL 1' 30''
Mt Sonix OL 1' 36''
Realm OL 1' 44''
Hive Mind OL 1' 44''
Morph 21 OL 1' 00''
Shutter Dub OL 1' 00''
Rep Air OL 1' 30''

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