Oneohtrix Point Never

We'll Take it

Warp Records WAP424
  • 12" (ltd.): Includes download
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Oneohtrix Point Never (aka OPN / Daniel Lopatin) returns hot on the heels of his latest album "Age Of" with a four track EP featuring album single "We'll Take It" and three new OPN songs.

An album favourite, "We'll Take It" is given new context here as the lead track and video. „A dark, facetious song that fuses industrial sounds, ecstatic and reckless synths, and something OPN described as "sideways ragtime" piano played by James Blake.

An edited version of "Trance 1" has been heard as part of "A Message From Earth", a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Golden Records sent on both Voyager Spacecrafts with sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on our planet.

Two additional unreleased tracks round out the first in a series of companion releases to "Age of".

Oneohtrix Point Never: We'll Take it

We'll Take It Oneohtrix Point Never 2' 00''
Monody Oneohtrix Point Never 2' 00''
Blow by Blow Oneohtrix Point Never 1' 00''
Trance 1 Oneohtrix Point Never 2' 00''

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