Outer Space

Phantom Center

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John Elliott and Andrew Veres have been refining their creative powers as Outer Space since 2010 with "Akashic Record" (Spectrum Spools) and "II" (Blast First Petite). The pair now release their first new material since 2012, Elliott's first since Emeralds ceased and the first as a duo.
Editions Mego are well chuffed to release 'Phantom Center', a stunning 2 track EP to kick the spring season off.
"Arrival and Assessment" confidently sets the tone with multi levels of bass lines weaving around complex rhythms and those vast atmospheres we come to expect from this project.
Flip it over and we encounter the earth shattering "Crixa / 5925", the perfect soundtrack to staring into an endless void with bottomless sub-bass and Raicevic-informed synthesizer disarray.

Outer Space: Phantom Center

Arrival and Assessment Outer Space
Crixa / 5925 Outer Space

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