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Finally a new record of the London / Berlin based sophisticated lo-fi pop duo whose debut was described by Boomkat as "a killer amalgam of squashed beats, lo-fi pop & narcotic, slo-jams". "Ko Yo" is the last track Antony and Birch have written for the new album "If I Come Along, If I come Alone" which will see the light of day in 2017. The six tracks of "Ko Yo" are dealing with how the female soul travels by means of the voice, Haitian Voodoo, passive vegetarianism, lost chances, lost memories, The Tibetan Book Of The Dead & mantras of lifespan reduction, social dissonance & a sense of home.

"fragmented, distorted pop music, and its melted concoction of influences – from 80s no-wave to contemporary R&B – is transformed into an inebriated haze of synthesizer and vocals" - FACT

Paco Sala: Ko Yo

Ko Yo Paco Sala 3' 04''
The Legba Paco Sala 4' 00''
The Loa Paco Sala 5' 09''
Prince Savant Paco Sala 5' 29''
Mbebe Blackout Paco Sala 4' 27''
Skin Job Paco Sala 2' 18''

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