Paco Sala

Our Love Is The Gold

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  • LP: Includes download, 180 gr vinyl, incl. printed inner sleeve
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"Our Love Is The Gold" is the third proper studio album from Paco Sala following "Ro-Me-Ro" & "Put Your Hands On Me". Written over 4 years it marks a return to song-writing for the duo, employing fever-dream melodies and synth drunk hooks, balanced against off-kilter production that sets them apart from their peers.

Intense, impassioned, guttural yet enigmatic - the album documents the process of leaving London and the empowerment a new life inspires. The opening & title track is a statement of intent “are you aware of my power?” repeats Garza, leaving us in no doubt that we really shouldn’t doubt her.

Tone set, what follows is gloriously idiosyncratic and deeply personal pop, presented without compromise or concession. Direct, confident, articulate - gone are the the opiated improvisations of 2017’s "The Silent Season", though the wilful sense of adventure remains throughout. "Our Love is The Gold" is a record of awakenings and self-discovery. Praise about Paco Sala:

"fragmented, distorted pop music, and its melted concoction of influences – from 80s no-wave to contemporary R&B – is transformed into an inebriated haze of synthesizer and vocals" - FACT

Paco Sala: Our Love Is The Gold

Our Love Is The Gold Paco Sala 7' 35''
Montezuma Paco Sala 4' 40''
I Will Still Be There Tomorrow Paco Sala 4' 09''
If I Come Along, If I Come Alone Paco Sala 5' 21''
Minories Paco Sala 4' 22''
Anya Paco Sala 3' 56''
The Sun Has Risen Twice Today Paco Sala 4' 44''
Slick Henry Paco Sala 4' 15''
Cast as Shadow Paco Sala 6' 10''

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