Pan American

Quiet City

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REISSUED ON VINYL!!! The fourth album from MARK NELSON's PAN AMERICAN combines the computer-centric approach of his previous The River Made No Sound album with the organic instrumentation that marked his work in LABRADFORD and on the first two Pan American albums. Rippling electronics and muffled beats distend into elegiac, resonant, and wavering ambient songcraft. Includes upright bass, drums, trumpet, and flugelhorn on three of the eight songs provided by CHARLES KIM (SINISTER LUCK ENSEMBLE), TIM MULVENNA (VANDERMARK 5, JEB BISHOP TRIO/QUARTET), STEVEN HESS (ALUMINUM GROUP, BOSCO & JORGE), and DAVID MAX CRAWFORD (STEREOLAB, WILCO, POI DOG PONDERING). Initial CD pressing includes a bonus DVD containing a video essay filmed and edited by Nelson and Chicago visual artist ANNIE FELDMEIR.

Pan American: Quiet City

Before Pan American 3' 38''
Wing Pan American 9' 11''
Shining Book Pan American 4' 03''
Inside Elevation Pan American 5' 07''
Skylight Pan American 5' 40''
Lights On Water Pan American 3' 50''
Het Volk Pan American 4' 45''
Lights Of Little Towns Pan American 8' 55''

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