Str. D. Par. Komm.

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pantasz (member of the band bodi bill) presents contemporary diary writing, no music concret. he's inspired by chance and creates a masterpiece of taken back pop largeness:
on this record you come towards pop, great pop. and then you get a feeling of techno and immediately thereafter you hear electro. once it is flowing and beautiful, then hypermotorically restless. you even can dare an excursion to the disco to dance for a while. but that certain melancholy, which attends to the most pieces, takes you back to reality. and again this moment of chanson appears and becomes to a central thread of the whole work.
the technical revolution with computers and the related possibility of homerecording surely plays a not too insignificant role on the record. but despite all that the huge composing talent of fabian fenk is inescapably audible. how he connects guitars, electronics and various other instruments and how he uses his famous vocals, sometimes sporadically, sometimes song-determining, will be hard to match around here.
>>> file under: psycho-neo-chanson in pop minor

Pantasz: Str. D. Par. Komm.

Counta Pantasz 16''
Tesla Pantasz 2' 59''
Stoen Pantasz 5' 42''
Mix-Seef-Klimbabel Pantasz 5' 06''
Give Cow Pantasz 1' 48''
Ready Girl Pantasz 2' 26''
Labb Pantasz 1' 04''
Feitsch Pantasz 7' 15''
Fey Pantasz 5' 37''
Condemines Pantasz 2' 33''
Smr W/mt Montag Pantasz 4' 20''
C U Intermexico Pantasz 2' 15''

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