12th Isle ISLE008
  • LP: hand stamped vinyl
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While being best known for creating deeply immersive live psychoacoustic experiences, the London based Pataphysical have allowed us to use 'Periphera', the fruits of their debut studio work, as the label's eighth musical oblation. It would have been an exercise in futility to try and replicate the immediacy of their live performances on this record, but we feel that across these 8 disparate tracks inner worlds have been rendered real. Through the careful positioning of field recordings and the creation of soundscapes somewhat reminiscent of heyday Mille Plateau the group have held fast to a desire to craft involved and captivating synthesis.

Pataphysical: Periphera

Dream Reveal Pataphysical 2' 00''
Aun Cyc Pataphysical 2' 00''
Metaxy Pataphysical 2' 00''
Montoon Pataphysical 2' 00''
Protae Pataphysical 2' 00''
Ken World Pataphysical 2' 00''
Purlo Pataphysical 2' 00''
Energen Pataphysical 2' 00''

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