Paul Baran

The Other

Fang Bomb FB024
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The Other is Britain, Student protests, Riots, Neo Liberalism, Fear, Nationalism, Haiti, Chess, Geopolitical sum games, Potlatch, Celebrities, Obama, The Shoah, Love, Reflexive Impotence, The Wheel, Inversion, Tarkovsky, The Zone.

At least if you ask Paul Baran himself. To others, it might as well be an equally challenging and diverse collection of electro-acoustic atmospheres, rhythmic experiments, and theoretical manoeuvres, not without a touch of funk. The Other was composed by Baran and recorded together with Werner Dafeldecker, Axel Doerner, Lucio Capece, Sebastian Lexer and many others in Glasgow, and in STEIM studios in Amsterdam, over the last few years.

Born in 1975, Paul Baran is a composer, electro-acoustic sound designer and improviser based in Glasgow, Scotland. Baran's first album, Panoptic, was released by Fang Bomb in 2009. It was received with great reviews by the global press, and featured collaborations with artists such as Werner Dafeldecker, Ekkehard Ehlers, Keith Rowe and Andrea Belfi. Panoptic was also featured in The Wire's 2009 rewind issue.

Paul Baran: The Other

Time Paul Baran 1' 23''
Himmelstrasse Paul Baran 12' 46''
Dissent Paul Baran 5' 45''
Britonia Paul Baran 4' 59''
Celebrity Paul Baran 6' 04''
The Human Republic Of Haiti Paul Baran 14' 52''
Krom Paul Baran 5' 19''
The Zone Paul Baran 5' 40''
Looking For Bobby Paul Baran 5' 11''
Potlatch Paul Baran 4' 39''

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