Peder Mannerfelt

The 3D Printed Songbook

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One of techno’s most prominent prism pushers follows work on Fever Ray’s 'Plunge' album to open 2018 with the masterful machine control of 'The 3D Printed Songbook', dispatched thru his Stockholm-based personal imprint.

In his highly personalised style of Scandinavian techno dub pressure, Mannerfelt pursues a signature blend of raved-up smarts with cutting-edge sound design into ever more curious, densely packed but spacious gestures on The 3D Printed Songbook by getting ever closer to grips with his elemental electronic material.

Where so much techno can feel like the work of a bored neek pushing blocks on a screen or effectively doing a colouring-in book, Mannerfelt is a sculptor who has picked techno and pure, abstract electronics as his medium, manifesting a sound which works just as well for those who appreciate the tactile sensuality of manipulated noise, as those who love dancing to irregular, warped rhythms and sensational tones.

Here, Mannerfelt blurs those distinctions and contradictions beautifully well, getting into gear with a pendulous but stuttering, sleek and jagged deep house/dancehall curl to open, before circling thru recoiling slow techno, heavy-lidded yet visceral ambient tones, to stripes of viking acid jack and the kind of depth charge dub techno that keeps Mika Vainio’s memory in earshot while unafraid to steer into new terrain.

Peder Mannerfelt: The 3D Printed Songbook

First Day Peder Mannerfelt
It's Coming Peder Mannerfelt
You Had Peder Mannerfelt
Texas is the Reason Peder Mannerfelt
Against the Wall Peder Mannerfelt
Patient Boy Peder Mannerfelt

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