Melodic MELO018CD
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As James Rutledge aka Pedro puts it himself, ' I was trying to take a hip hop aesthetic and expand the range of references to stuff like 20th century classical, jazz, 2 step, early electronic music - all the stuff that I get inspired by. I wanted to move on from the sound of my 2 ep's and I think I'm progressing '

A humble heart or simple understatement? We think the recordings are a validation of him chasing hell and high water for that new found aesthetic. Essentially, he is finding his voice, in the only way he knows how; through a distillation of many many music forms. The warmth of To Rococo Rot, coupled with the hip hop backbone of Boom Bip and the ambition of Jim O' Rourke. A morphing electronic player with the underpinning of rock.

Pedro: Pedro

Intro Pedro 3'17''
Fear & Resilience Pedro 3'55''
Dead Grass Pedro 4'37''
These Pixels Weave A Person Pedro 4'17''
The Water Ran This Way Back And F Pedro 5'50''
123 Pedro 7'07''
All Things Rendered Pedro 4'49''
Seven Eight Pedro 4'03''
Outro Pedro 2'17''

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