Pep Llopis


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Llopis was influenced by minimal American composers like Steve Reich and La Monte Young. He embraces the melodic sides of these masters in the winds of “El Vell Rei De La Serp” and the tender piano on “Nits de cristall.” You will find yourself submerged in tonality on tracks like “Jardins Aquàtics” and “La Nau Dels Argonautes” which have a kinship to Philip Glass or Daniel Lentz. Each piece extends from 5 to almost 14 minutes.

Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes offers a Mediterranean journey, one that Ulysses, Aeneas, and Jason with his Argonauts charted first and Valencian artist, Pep Llopis, retraced and retread from the islands of Menorca to Santorini.

Pep Llopis: Poiemusia

Muntanyes de granit Pep Llopis 16'03''
El vell Rei de la serp Pep Llopis 20'03''
Jardins aquàtics Pep Llopis 8'58''
Nits de cristall Pep Llopis 15'56''
La nau dels argonautes Pep Llopis 10'03''

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