Philip Jeck

Vinyl Coda I-II

  • 2LP: Gatefold sleeve
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Philip Jeck works as a composer, multi-media artist, choreographer, but above all, he is most well-known as a turntable manipulator. At the end of '90s, he produced something which later would be considered a cult piece - his four part masterpiece Vinyl Coda.

It is probably his most important work and the peak of his art; it defines not only his musical language, but also the entire turntable culture, as well as the deconstruction of vinyl. The work is nothing less than a powerful lo-fi symphony which, through magical looping, allows the listener to hear things they otherwise wouldn't hear.

Philip Jeck: Vinyl Coda I-II

Vinyl Coda I Philip Jeck 21' 45''
Vinyl Coda II Philip Jeck 62' 44''

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