Moments in Golden Light

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Poemme is the ambient project of Angela Klimek, who first began creating music for fun in 2016 to supplement her husband’s sleep music radio station, Ambient Sleeping Pill. Since then, she hasn’t been able to stop recording tracks for sleep as well as brighter, more daytime-oriented drones from Cleveland, Ohio.

Moments in Golden Light is a small collection of such daytime soundscapes, painting a forest scene during the magical hour after sunrise in which the earth is bathed in gold.

Poemme: Moments in Golden Light

At The Gates Of Dawn Poemme 6'46''
Forest Hymn Poemme 6'20''
Awning ~ Under The Willow Tree Poemme 5'43''
With The Changing Of The Leaves Poemme 6'28''
A Small Procession Poemme 11'13''

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