City Of O.

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Three years have passed since the release of their debut album „Earthly Powers”. The international press celebratedPollyester as an exciting mixture of Les Rita Mitsouku, Cosmic and Krautrock, and declared them top notch disco punk newcomers. Several tours in the US, Japan and Europe followed as a logical consequence and even Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos and Mr. James Murphy himself quickly became fans of the quartet, which is now reloading with full force on its Disko B/Schamoni Musik premiere.

The City Of Orion, a reproduction of this mystical heavenly body, recreated by man in the Moroccan desert, has been a long time yearning place for Polly and her three band members and became the major inspiration for the album title. Many of the new songs circulate around the theme of “solitude” in all its facets but everyone who is now thinking of a barely accessible concept album is dead wrong, because also in 2014 the band sparkles in a fountain of unbound Punk / New Wave / Disco energy: This is where early Talking Heads hang around on a DFA bloc party whilst Tom Tom Club is jamming with Le Tigre in the background.

Pollyester: City Of O.

Cut Diamond Pollyester 3' 24''
2328628 Pollyester 4' 06''
In My Boots Pollyester 4' 33''
My Father's Eye Pollyester 6' 02''
City Of Orion I Pollyester 2' 49''
Change Hands Pollyester 4' 51''
Catrina Pollyester 4' 36''
Jalousie Pollyester 4' 29''
Fall Out Of Love Pollyester 3' 57''
City Of Orion II Pollyester 6' 24''

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