Proc Fiskal


Hyperdub HDBLP040
  • 2LP: Includes download
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Joe Powers is from Edinburgh, far outside the network of the Grime capital of London. His caffeinated productions as Proc Fiskal are faster than usual, with many clocking in at 160bpm. ‘The Highland Mob’, his 2017 debut EP, opened up his music to open-eared footwork and drum’n’bass fans as well as the grime crowd. After following that up with a jungle-inflected EP on Cosmic Bridge, ‘Insula’ switches the feel and intention towards a personal, and melodic music with one foot in Grime, infused with often comic, often wistful recorded moments from his environment. He says ‘I wanted to be aware of where the music is coming from, referencing things I’m presently experiencing, like making Grime, my Radar radio show, phone addiction, alcohol, my surroundings, girls, depression, positivity, being unemployed, being employed and hating it, my friends etc. Trying to be true to myself instead of relying on other peoples’ nostalgia, and focusing on now.’

The record is a huge leap in vision, with delicate, pointillist melodies and intricate edits reminiscent of Grime producers such as Terror Danjah. It also resonates with Japanese video game music like that recently explored on the ‘Diggin' In The Carts’ compilation.

Proc Fiskal: Insula

Restart Proc Fiskal
Apple Juice Proc Fiskal
Kontinuance Proc Fiskal
2L Proc Fiskal
Achiltibuie Proc Fiskal
Scotch Precog Proc Fiskal
Pints Proc Fiskal
Dopamine Proc Fiskal
Punishment Exercise Proc Fiskal
Dish Washing Proc Fiskal
Vaudeville Proc Fiskal
Future Headache Proc Fiskal
Hoax Nos Trinit Proc Fiskal
Evil Spirits Proc Fiskal
A Like Ye Proc Fiskal
Mourn Non Did Proc Fiskal

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