Somewhere Else

Wharf Cat WCR077
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Profligate's first full length since 2014, Somewhere Else deftly balances seeming opposites – chaos and composition, melody and noise, programmed and live instrumentation, all with a distinctly human touch. Mastered by Carl Saff.

Noah Anthony’s music ranges from heavily rhythmic electronics to tightly composed songs. In 2013 Profligate released the Videotape 12" (Not Not Fun) and full length Come Follow Me (More). The Red Rope EP (DKA) and full length Finding the Floor (Not Not Fun) followed in 2014. Profligate has toured the U.S. and Europe receiving acclaim for recordings and visceral live performances. Over the Summer of 2016 Profligate began operating as a duo featuring L.A. poet/musician Elaine Kahn on additional vocals and instrumentation. The Somewhere Else LP features tracks they worked on together as well as solo work from Anthony.

Profligate: Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else Profligate 8' 07''
A Circle Profligate 5' 55''
Enlist Profligate 4' 56''
Lose A Little Profligate 5' 17''
Black Plate Profligate 4' 13''
Jet Black (King of the World) Profligate 5' 50''
Needle in Your Lip Profligate 4' 30''

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