Night School LSSN025
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Prostitutes flexes a whole new set of muscles here. Sticking to an all-analogue machine based strategy, Donadio has warped and stripped his palette to create a juddering force across 5 tracks and 28 minutes. With previous work on 'Spectrum Spools', Prostitutes has deconstructed Techno forms and re-invigorated 4/4 structures to delirious, often psychedelic effect. Nouveauree can be viewed as a purge, a palette cleanser, a slab re-formed white-noise, bass-heavy kick drums and searing, improbable sampling; each sound and bar is perfectly placed for maximum stereo-field contamination.

Prostitutes: Nouveauree

Late To Take It Light Prostitutes 4' 53''
Hate's In The City Prostitutes 5' 54''
Punk In The Street Prostitutes 4' 12''
Dragged It Home To Bed Prostitutes 5' 43''
So Goddamn Gaunt Prostitutes 7' 12''

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