Pulse Emitter

Cosmic Images

Expansive EE01CD
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Cosmic Images is Pulse Emitter’s deepest and most personal work to date. Combining his growling modular synthesizer patterns with sweeping keyboard motifs, the beauty and vastness of the universe is evoked in five movements, each based on nebulas, galaxies, etc. The sections morph into one another for one epic prog synth journey. CD in jewel case, mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, art by Daniel Lopatin. The first release on Daryl Groetsch’s private press label Expansive back in 2010.

Pulse Emitter: Cosmic Images

Eagle Nebula Pulse Emitter
Triangulum Galaxy Pulse Emitter
Pleiades Cluster Pulse Emitter
Egg Nebula Pulse Emitter
Jupiter Pulse Emitter

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