Spazi Futuri

Ideal Recordings IDEAL161LP
  • LP: Ltd. to 300 copies on orange vinyl
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A masterful work from the Italian underworld. Riccardo Mazza is a hidden master of the Italian experimental music scene, a scene that has been extremely important since the late 70’s or so. Coming from that background, he has besides his actions as his solo crusade RM, also been active as member of filth noise outfit Lettera 22 (with Matteo Castro, owner of the label Second Sleep). As RM, he is freely surfing between old school industrial, futuristic techno for space base nightclubs, ambient music fitted for abandoned factories and a kind of timelessness that inspires and resonates. This is is second album for iDEAL, next to a fine line of releases on labels like Second Sleep, Yerevan Tapes and 8mm.

RM: Spazi Futuri

5:00 RM 3' 40''
Società Dormiente RM 4' 49''
Sonno Drogato RM 5' 29''
Sublimazione Della Crisi RM 6' 18''
Dittatura Delle Immagini RM 5' 46''
Per Natura Libero RM 3' 58''
Per Necessità Servile RM 4' 44''
Spazi Futuri RM 6' 15''

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