Soft Operator

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The six titles of their debut "soft operator" appear to be as easy-going as the daily life they are created for. Who doesn't know these ordinary moments imaginatively recreated by RAGAZZI? Who doesn't feel affected when it comes to such matters as Shopping, Office and Fitness?
RAGAZZI master these somewhat unspectacular themes with an elegance and harmony that everyone dreams of in his life. In titles such as "Shopping Malls" or "We Do It All The Time" texts, rythm and melody climax to a glitzy Pop-Dance Production, which justifies the significance of this genre.
Combining classical home-recording techniques with the most modern computer technologies an album has been produced that needs not be afraid of being compared to internationally well-known Big Names.
In order to give this gem a visually adequate appearance the vinyl cover is released together with a poster.

Ragazzi: Soft Operator

Physical Workout Ragazzi 3' 58''
We Do It All The Time Ragazzi 3' 43''
The Snake Ragazzi 4' 27''
Flight Of Ikarus Ragazzi 5' 12''
14.47 Ragazzi 2' 49''
Shopping Malls Ragazzi 3' 41''

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