The Water Towers

Yerevan Tapes YER020
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Razgraad is the brand new solo project by Salvatore Miele, Bologna-based electronic musician and The Water Towers is Razgraad’s very first release. Under this moniker Miele designs sounds in heavily saturated structures, stratifying timbres and combining dissonances and minimal percussions with more melodic sequences.

On his debut tape Razgraad investigates cyclicity, drones and rhythmic pulses, declining the sounds of the industrial landscape through the transformation of field recordings and the use of synthesizers, in an archetypal, ritual dimension.

Razgraad: The Water Towers

Raw Moss Ra Razgraad 4' 48''
From Bear To Wolf Razgraad 6' 23''
Onyeocha Razgraad 4' 46''
OhQuetus Razgraad 3' 41''
NeuTanz Razgraad 8' 40''

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