Heavy Maple

Melodic MELO061LP
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Welcome to Heavy Maple, the debut album from rec.tangle, aka Brighton-based, France-born Adrien Rodes. A lush, dream-like, instrumental whirl, it’s the first flowering of a major talent, and the new incarnation of the artist formerly known as Topo Gigio.

Recorded as-live with Adrien playing almost all the parts (“I’m too autistic to have formed a band,” he says), the album sees Adrien move away from his sample-heavy origins to instrumental music. 70’s synthesizers, acoustic guitars, acoustic and electric pianos, percussion, organs, sitar, zither and harp-like instruments were all crammed into the 8-foot square recording space that Adrien shares with Stereolab/Jr Electronics’ Joe Watson and Baikonour’s Jean-Emmanuel Krieger in pursuit of the album’s full sound.

Rec.Tangle: Heavy Maple

Square One Rec.Tangle 3'43''
Anima's Lament Rec.Tangle 4'44''
Balloon Ascending Rec.Tangle 3'52''
Hedgehog Procession (At Dawn) Rec.Tangle 5'46''
Elliptical Equilibria Rec.Tangle 3'04''
Seaharp Rec.Tangle 2'34''
Ethylic Fugue in Q Minor Rec.Tangle 2'56''
Copper Dunes Rec.Tangle 4'08''
Dominohead Rec.Tangle 1'55''
The Meadow Green Rec.Tangle 4'23''
Airbone Heliotropic Medusae Rec.Tangle 4'46''

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