Rene Hell

Vanilla Call Option

  • LP: 140 gr. vinyl, packaged in a pro-press color jacket and a silkscreened pvc sleeve.
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‘Vanilla Call Option’ is the debut PAN album from Jeff Witscher AKA Rene Hell. Witscher is a notoriously unique artist, a and nomadic SoCal everyman. An avid chess player, he occupies the role of both trickster and aesthete, an embodied example of a time where experimental ideas and attitudes switched fluidly between the club and gallery.
Travel is a central theme of his work, with the digital and minimalist palette on ‘Vanilla Call Option’ built whilst on the move between airports, performance spaces and public libraries. In his own words, Witscher attempted to construct “vertical narratives” that
at times evoke the musique concrete of Bernard Parmegiani and probing electronic experiments of Charles Dodge. Rejecting melody to form a new language of timbre, timing and flight, these crisp compositions oscillate between flux and grandeur, piercing synthesis and meditative piano, strings and voice.

Rene Hell: Vanilla Call Option

Smile Models Rene Hell 06' 09''
This Is Chess Rene Hell 02' 41''
8 Rene Hell 01' 22''
Unpack; Glue Rene Hell 03' 01''
Merci Cheri Rene Hell 03' 52''
Var_Len Rene Hell 02' 59''
The Chess Sickness Rene Hell 00' 27''
Furniture Music Rene Hell 05' 19''
Le Kitchen Map Rene Hell 04' 18''
Buf. Catch Rene Hell 01' 35''
Kalashnikov Uzi Rene Hell 01' 23''

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