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After a break of 6 years, Atlanta based electronic musician, producer and sound designer Richard Devine returns with a new album. Recorded between 2016 and 2017 using Richard's custom built Eurorack modular system and two Nord G2 Modular units, Sort/Lave features 12 tracks of intricate electronica that ranges from abrasive percussive experiments such as `Revsic` to `Astra's dazzling juxtaposition of sounds and onto the radiant ambience of the album's closer `Takara`. Talking about the album's genesis Devine explains "I've been using modular synthesizers since I was 17, but have never written complete tracks using these newer systems. This was my first experiment to see if it would be possible and I probably spent about 5 years building up the systems that I used on this album." "The aim here was to create something that felt very organic, detailed, spacious, big and warm and just as importantly, a record that you could put on and play all the way through that flowed in a seamless way. So the tracks are more like captured snapshot performances where I could play around with the idea of probability-based sequencing for every patch, string multiple sequencers together that would feed other sequencers to come up with interesting rhythms and melodies. It was really fun coming up with new sounds this way too, I felt like I created several I haven't heard before with this album. Some of the tracks on the album were complete accidents and evolved from something that happened spontaneously." Making his debut in 1995, Devine's releases for labels including Schematic, Warp Records and Detroit Underground have established him as one of the leading figures within the electronica community.

Richard Devine: Sort\Lave

Microscopium Recurse Richard Devine 2' 00''
Revsic Richard Devine 2' 00''
Oustrue Richard Devine 2' 00''
k-0 Richard Devine 2' 00''
Astra Richard Devine 2' 00''
Sentik Pin Richard Devine 2' 00''
Brux Richard Devine 2' 00''
Anemap Richard Devine 2' 00''
Pngtrk Richard Devine 2' 00''
Opaque Ke Richard Devine 2' 00''
Eylansec Richard Devine 2' 00''
Takara Richard Devine 2' 00''

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