Below The Horizon

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The first in the Rimarimba series, 1983’s Below The Horizon, features Robert Cox in exploratory mode, figuring out exactly how to make his music. There’s a pleasure in hearing how he feels out the parameters of his aesthetic, here – there’s a boxy minimalism, slightly clunky and charming with it, that reflects the home-spun, improvisatory tenor of the compositions. It’s ambitious music, though, wanting to do the most and the best it can with its limited resources. Cox himself admits to not being “pre-wired” to making this music, but that only makes it more compelling: “Were I to be properly musical, it wouldn’t actually work as well in some ways; it’d be just another album of contemporary clattery music.”

Rimarimba: Below The Horizon

Steady State Rimarimba 4' 28''
Metal Rimarimba 00''
Gone To Hell In A Small Bucket Rimarimba 5' 56''
The Melting Rimarimba 6' 32''
The One That Got Away Rimarimba 3' 45''
Ships Rimarimba 1' 44''
Bebag Rimarimba 21' 24''

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