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A somnambulant journey through psychedelic bedroom fantasy-scapes, Glare is Roe Enney’s first proper LP after only a few under-the-radar cassette releases on Phaserprone, Discriminate and Piero since 2011. Recorded over the last couple years, Glare unfolds like a manifesto on the devolution of communication. An experiment of thresholds: electronic, political, poetical, Roe Enney touches on the likes of Tara Cross or Anne Clark but only briefly before hurtling into a subterranean world of closed-off obsessions.

"The electronic artist is always enmeshed in a battle of thresholds. What does one do? This is because she, the electronic spirit, is always in the process of change. This spirit is never stable, it is tenuous. It is a moving hierarchy, a royal island with a v. real topography, with its own guard, observation deck, casino. The music on this record firmly pledges allegiance to this island, and yet it is out somewhere on the shore, perhaps ‘dreaming of elsewhere.’ Yet one cannot help what one is. Perhaps the record is cast-off."

Mastered by Sean McCann and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Roe Enney: Glare

Comme Everyone Roe Enney 4' 27''
Itashi Sings Roe Enney 2' 54''
Aquatron Roe Enney 3' 18''
Combat Anonymous Roe Enney 6' 57''
Nothing Stops U Roe Enney 8' 28''
Count The Less Roe Enney 3' 16''
Ouroboros Roe Enney 6' 11''

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