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Montreal stalwart Roger Tellier Craig (of Le Révélateur / Fly Pan Am) returns to Root Strata under his given name to offer a stunningly abstract pair of compositions indicating a severe departure from his earlier work. While Instantanés might at first evoke Acousmatic and Musique concrète traditions, the two side-long snapshots Roger presents feel far more spontaneous and rustic than those trappings might suggest, or as Luc Ferrari would say “a concrète music of the poor.” A studied meditation over 10 years in the making, Instantanés is a surreal mix of the familiar and the alien, a lush garden indifferent to human cultivation or experience.

Roger Tellier Craig: Instantanés

Soleil et chaleur dans le parc Roger Tellier Craig 20' 09''
Truth Mining Roger Tellier Craig 17' 53''

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