Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

Transgressive Records TRANS368X
  • LP (color): Includes download, red vinyl, gatefold
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The experimental music of SOPHIE relaxes into new forms on her debut album. It is sprawling and beautiful, while still keeping the disorienting, latex-pop feel of her fascinating production technique. It followed many of the same rules that governed the mainstream, but all the textures were too taut, too perfect, too unreal.
SOPHIE's debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL's UN-INSIDES, adapts many of the technical strategies heard on her previous work to looser, more sprawling compositions. Instead of chaining together compact singles as on 2015?' PRODUCT, the album builds and releases narrative tension. (Pitchfork)

SOPHIE: Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

It's Okay to Cry SOPHIE 00' 00''
Ponyboy SOPHIE 00' 00''
Faceshopping SOPHIE 00' 00''
Is It Cold In the Water SOPHIE 00' 00''
Infatuation SOPHIE 00' 00''
Not Okay SOPHIE 00' 00''
Pretending SOPHIE 00' 00''
Immaterial SOPHIE 00' 00''
Whole New World Pretend World SOPHIE 00' 00''

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