Sacred Paws

Run Around The Sun

Merge MRG 680 LP
  • LP: Includes download, limited green Vinyl
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SACRED PAWS won the Scottish Album of the Year Award in 2017 for their debut record, Strike a Match. Winning felt “very weird” to guitarist RACHEL AGGS and drummer EILIDH RODGERS, whose aim had never been anything other than to make music they enjoyed. “To be like oh, ok, right—we have to believe in ourselves now?! It’s mildly challenging.” But if you thought that meant Run Around the Sun would be a po-faced follow-up rammed full of lofty pretensions, you’d be wrong. It brims with upbeat reflections on growing up and looking back. Shimmering guitar riffs dance between snappy beats and swooning melodies that will have crowds committing to far more than a simple head-bob. (Received a 7.8 rating from Pitchfork)

Sacred Paws: Run Around The Sun

The Conversation Sacred Paws 3' 10''
Almost It Sacred Paws 3' 16''
Life’s Too Short Sacred Paws 4' 08''
Shame on Me Sacred Paws 2' 33''
What’s So Wrong Sacred Paws 3' 15''
How Far Sacred Paws 2' 46''
Is This Real Sacred Paws 2' 39''
Write This Down Sacred Paws 3' 10''
Brush Your Hair Sacred Paws 3' 20''
Other Side Sacred Paws 4' 06''

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