Deafening Chaos Serenity

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Staggering return of Italian noise daemon Nino Pedone a.k.a. Shapednoise; flanked by Roly Porter, Rabit and Emanuele Porcinai for a head-rinsing concept suite inspired by the Serenity Manifesto of Eric Burton (Rabit) and Francesco Birsa Alessandri ov Haunter Records - a sort of poetic inversion of Luigi Russolo’s futurist manifesto, The Art of Noises (1913), updated for 21st c. politics and sound-fields.

Cementing a stark reminder of noise music’s subversive, contemplative power when given proper context, Deafening Chaos Serenity is about finding space for reflection at the eye of the storm, and about grasping the visceral sensation and metastasising madness of reality in all its overgrown, apocryphal ambiguity. It’s about learning to work within in noise’s wildly unpredictable parameters, rather than attempting to negate them.

Just as with this album’s predecessor, Different Selves, and his work in The Sprawl trio with Mumdance and Logos, collaborative energy continues to generate some of Shapednoise’s strongest work across Deafening Chaos Serenity, from the fundamental conceptual impetus supplied by Burton & Alessandri’s manifesto, to the absorbingly visceral manner with which he puts it into effect.

In four of the five tracks, oppositional, if sympathetic forces generate the necessary friction needed to look beyond and suppose new forms, structures. In Motion & Depth or the bleached electro-acoustic structures of Delusional Path he dissolves the tension of Emanuele Porcinai’s strings into a syntax of ecstatic physics, whilst the subatomic diffusion of Resistance to a Harmonious Vision with Roly Porter speaks to a experience of luscious sensory overload, and in Pulling at the Seams of Existence, the record’s most tumultuous shredding out loud/quiet, violent/ peaceful distinctions, he and Rabit embrace the discord of uncertainty with unflinching vision, almost like Turner tied to the mast and facing a stormy future head-on.

Shapednoise: Deafening Chaos Serenity

Motion and Depth Shapednoise
Resistance to a Harmonious Vision (feat. Roly Porter) Shapednoise
Noise Molds Bodies Shapednoise
Pulling at the Seams of Existence (feat. Rabit) Shapednoise
Delusional Path Shapednoise

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