Shinichi Atobe


  • 2LP: Repress, black vinyl
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Heat is a surprise new double album from Shinichi Atobe for DDS. It follows on from last year’s “From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art” set and continues a run of highly enigmatic, acclaimed and completely unparalleled productions that follow their own timeless logic. There’s no sonic fiction involved - this material really does just turn up on a CD sent by air mail from Japan to Manchester, sparse info, no messing, pure gold.

What’s that cover art about? prob something to do with the balmy, slightly fuucked, sunstroked material within. So Good, So Right, the 10 minute opener, will force you to forget about all the shite around you for a while. There are also several tracks called Heat; they’re all killer.

This music takes you elsewhere almost immediately; that fan on your desk is basically a summer breeze. In fact, this whole album is absurd; completely effortless; a total classic.

Shinichi Atobe: Heat

So Good So Right Shinichi Atobe
Heat 2 Shinichi Atobe
Heat 4 Shinichi Atobe
Heat 1 Shinichi Atobe
Bonus Shinichi Atobe
Heat 3 Shinichi Atobe
So Good So Right 2 Shinichi Atobe

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