Indastria EP

Cosmo Rhythmatic CR05
  • EP: Ltd. to 300 copies, black label pressing
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Rimini, Italy’s Simbiosi rip out their first 12” proper on the Cosmo Rhythmatic label after leaving a wide berth since their debut 3LP shockout, Elements for Actress’ Werk Discs imprint in 2015 and a subsequent appearance on Actress’ DJ-Kicks mix.

In a fiercely condensed session of hardcore techno thistle and knackered throbs, the Indastria EP slugs like a rusty Italian motor with a wonky cam shaft, constantly threatening to spin out of control with each gear shift but kept on course by way of backstreet-mechanic engineering.

It’s grim and remorselessly underground material, banking the escalating NPLGNN-style filtered noise of HRD90 at the front and cycling thru the bombed-out doom core trample of Indastria to the depressive collapse of Eve with its carmine horror pads on Side A, then spluttering out the tarry churn of Dicentra and chaotic inverted bass drum pressure of Teiwsjh to round out the B-side and leave no doubts behind their primitive intentions.

Simbiosi: Indastria EP

HRD90 Simbiosi 1' 23''
Indastria Simbiosi 4' 10''
Eve Simbiosi 3' 13''
Dixentra Simbiosi 3' 30''
TEIWSJH Simbiosi 4' 34''

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