Sin Fang Bous

Advent In Ives Garden / Clangour And Flutes

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Sindri Mar Sigfusson is not only a part of "Seabear", futhermore he's a musical think-tank. "Sin Fang Bous", his new solo-project, is a playground for all of his ideas: Just listen to the two Songs on this 7inch: You'll find weird electronic snippets, feastful refrains, swirling pianos or hypertensioned drum computers. But be assured: This is no collage, all of the varying elements submit to the song. And what songs we find here!
"Advent in Ives Garden / Clangour & Flutes" is an euphoric release including a bunch of ideas, commensurate with bands like "Animal Collective", "Caribou" or "Panda Bear" - even when "Sin Fang Bous" music is more focussed on pop. A highly charming record!

Sin Fang Bous: Advent In Ives Garden / Clangour And Flutes

Advent In Ives Garden (Single Version) Sin Fang Bous 3' 05''
Clangour And Flutes (Single Version) Sin Fang Bous 3' 10''

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