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The music of Sis’ debut album Euphorbia is an experiment in soulful R&B romantics with an undercurrent of in-studio risk. Sis began as a spontaneous shedding/sculpting session of songwriting and recording between former folkie Gillespie Mason, with a handful of her compositions begun on the OP-1 synth and at the piano, and engineer/producer Rob Shelton. Mason fell in love with the OB 6 synth which features heavily, and was encouraged by producer Shelton, a longtime engineer at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and Oakland, to integrate 808s into the music. From there, the spectres of Steve Reich, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Kate Bush, D’Angelo, Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac began to seep into the making. While a disparate array of influences materializes on the record, something truly new is created from each player’s musical lineage. Their first album Euphorbia was born in a slow frenzy of true experimentation and joyful discernment.

Sis: Euphorbia

Moonsail Sis 4' 24''
Gene Sis 3' 24''
My Machine Sis 4' 47''
Sleepless Mountain Sis 3' 06''
My King Plays Bowie Sis 3' 16''
Tomcat Sis 3' 40''
Kiss with Chapters Sis 4' 14''
Jaikeyah Sis 4' 01''
After the Rollercoaster Sis 4' 47''
Veronica Sis 2' 30''
Strange Summer Sis 4' 19''
Wild Parrot Sis 3' 34''
Crosshairs Sis 6' 43''

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