Dongs Of Sevotion

Drag City DC169LP
  • 2LP: Gatefold sleeve
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Adult Contemporary singer-songwriter BILL CALLAHAN returns with his latest album of love-taking, heart-breaking and dream-making popterfuge. Ten songs that take on and lap up just about every possible pop style be it an anthemic power ballad, a saucy tango, or a gentle waltz, all with his unique voice and personal lyrical outlook.

Smog: Dongs Of Sevotion

Justice Aversion Smog 4' 50''
Dress Sexy at My Funeral Smog 5' 30''
Strayed Smog 6' 05''
The Hard Road Smog 2' 47''
Easily Led Smog 3' 01''
Bloodflow Smog 7' 19''
Nineteen Smog 6' 21''
Distance Smog 7' 54''
Devotion Smog 5' 55''
Cold Discovery Smog 5' 57''
Permanent Smile Smog 5' 40''

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