Sourakata Koite

En Hollande

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Reissue of the immaculately-executed (mostly) solo kora epics by Senegalese griot Sourakata Koité. Recored near Delft, Holland in 1984 with two Neumann mics in an old converted chicken coop.

Sourakata Koite is a Paris-dwelling kora-player from Senegal. He is a griot, which means he is a story- and history-teller and singer. He accompanies himself on the kora. The kora is the most representative instrument of Manding music and culture. It is a harp-lute with 21 strings. The instrument is more than 600 years old and has existed in its present form for about 400 years. The griots often make their koras themselves, using a great dried gourd, a thick stick and two smaller sticks and a scraped goatskin. In the old days they used strings of skin, but nowadays often plastic fikshingline is used. The kora is held with the last three fingers of each hand at the small sticks on both sides of the strings. The strings are played by both thumbs and forefingers. With one hand the accompanying part is played and with the other the more free melody. Koite has performed in most African countries and also in a great deal of Europe.

Sourakata Koite: En Hollande

Seremende Sourakata Koite 5' 27''
Ha-Madi Sourakata Koite 4' 45''
Moussa Sourakata Koite 3' 55''
Kaira Sourakata Koite 4' 26''
Djonol Sourakata Koite 4' 06''
N'na Sourakata Koite 4' 28''
Dioula Sourakata Koite 3' 36''
Hadjiatu Mari n'Djaye Sourakata Koite 4' 33''

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