In The Dust Of Idols

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“I wanted to create something dense & heavy. When you listen through, it makes you feel like it has the weight of time stitched into it” explains Alex Ives aka Specimens. As well as expanding the range of instrumentation used on this, his second album, Ives also enlisted the talents of Cellist Charlotte de Burgh-Holder and experimentalist Joe Summers, which further adds to the dynamic depth and range on this record. It’s not all dark though and moments of optimism and cracks of light pepper the record giving enough hope to the listener to pursue questioning the unanswerable. Accompanying the release of the record is a short film set to music from the album, produced and shot by photographer & director Lucie Rox.

Specimens: In The Dust Of Idols

The Unread Library feat. Charlotte de Burgh-Holder Specimens 2' 00''
The Gate Specimens 2' 00''
Twisted Necks feat. Joe Summers Specimens 2' 00''
Moving Forwards Constantly Looking Back Specimens 2' 00''
Unfold In All Directions Specimens 2' 00''
Chamber Voices Specimens 2' 00''
All Life Eventually Turns To Dust Specimens 2' 00''

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