Park And Ride

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Now pushing 27, Andreas Otto's latest album under the Springintgut moniker seems to thrive on contradictions - with a sense of genuine spontaneity existing alongside the carefully considered and intricately plotted digital machinations. Having recorded alongside Mouse On Mars, Otto's aural family tree can certainly be traced back to similar foundations; as the rural and urban create a spark that runs throughout the album with moments of sugar-rush euphoria buffeting against each other for caustic effect.

Springintgut: Park And Ride

Day Off Springintgut 4'28''
Colossos Springintgut 4'05''
Cousteau Springintgut 3'56''
Precastor Springintgut 4'51''
Seoul Drops Springintgut 2'05''
Damokles Springintgut 3'37''
A Few Words On Bright Springintgut 4'08''
Day Echo Springintgut 49''
Whistleblow Biker Springintgut 5'17''
Everything In Focus Springintgut 7'22''
Outpost Springintgut 5'10''

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