Stabat Stable

Ultrissima On The Junk’s Moon

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Incredible, idiosyncratic and obscure early 80s French futurist DIY project led by Jean-Luc Aime (Univers Zero) this feature-length album of elusive recordings marks the bone fide axis point where Zeuhl-Skool meets synth pop, dark ambient and early electro culled from rare vinyl and disparate cassette co-op releases for this first ever LP release.

A lost art-ifact from a micro genre where ZED, Eskaton and Heldon share outernational tape space with Vox Populi! The Normal, Colin Potter and Luc Marianni this record occupies a unique place on the shelves of fans of early DIY electro and post punk while ticking the boxes of 80s VHS OST enthusiasts and the growing interest in European cassette zine projects. These melodic macabre tape experiments fuse multi-track cassette experiments with home-made special effects at the hand of an accomplished multi-instrumentalist working on the outer reaches of disenfranchised progressive-pop and reluctant techno defining then deconstructing genres that have yet to exist. Fuelled by futurist gothic imagery and operating on a parallel plain to his European and American contemporaries there are few artists like Stabat Stable and virtually none more enigmatic. This benchmark record is the first signpost to a darker part of your musical want-list as the invisible glue for fans of the aforementioned anti-genres. File under “Not Yet”.

Stabat Stable: Ultrissima On The Junk’s Moon

Society Stabat Stable 1' 11''
You’re Sitting In My Chair Stabat Stable 3' 43''
Ultrissima On The Junk’s Moon Stabat Stable 12' 31''
Bubble Stabat Stable 4' 21''
Prima Linéa Stabat Stable 3' 36''
Scorpio Stabat Stable 4' 46''
I Can Help You You Know Stabat Stable 3' 05''
Coaltar Saponine Stabat Stable 5' 44''

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