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Fromtheoldtothenew was originally released in 1996 and is the second full length on Peacefrog from Steve ‘Stasis’ Pickton.

Growing up as a teenager in East London, break-dancing and writing graffiti with B12’s Mike Golding, Steve Pickton’s musical education moved along a familiar path, from hip-hop to Electro and onto Techno. Schooling himself in music theory and purchasing a sampler Pickton set about making his own music.

Releasing on a whose who of seminal UK electronic labels including A.R.T., Likemind, Otherworld and B12 under various pseudinums Pickton’s UK take on lush Detroit melodies fused techno, funk, hip-hop, dub, blues and jazz into a dense concoction all of his own making.

Fromtheoldtothenew saw Pickton slip off his earlier techno shackles and head for uncharted electrconic waters. The echo chamber dramatics of Gun and wayward lurch of Ale House Blues were a long way from Detroit, while few tracks have demonstrated the sheer breadth of electronica more dramatically than Utopia Planetia. All in all it's more jazz, less tech without losing the soul.

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Stasis: Fromtheoldtothenew

From The Old... Stasis 30''
Utopia Planeta Stasis 30''
Moon Bong Stasis 30''
Behind The Smile Stasis 30''
Beating Skins Stasis 30''
Ale House Blues Stasis 30''
Samba De Fat Bloke Stasis 30''
Moody Of Teacher Stasis 30''
Gun Stasis 30''

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