Stefano Mainetti

ZOMBI 3 (Classic Edition)

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We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records unleash the complete uncut soundtrack for Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei's 1988 cult zombie-ploitation gem Zombi 3 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, aka Sanguelia 2) for the first time ever on vinyl, available on two different collector's edition vinyl, the "Classic Version" and the "Special Version". This future deluxe edition OOP classic is packed with menacing synths, ghoulish melodies, and contaminated anthems, remastered directly from the rare original reels of maestro Stefano Mainetti. Zombi 3 is the (unrelated) sequel to Zombi 2 (1979), itself an unofficial sequel to George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead (1978). This marvel of the VHS-era finds a group of super scientists working on a very secret biological weapon called Death One which mutates and kills living humans... and re-animates the dead. Feared by critics and beloved by vintage exploitation fanatics, Zombi 3 has all the charms of the glory days of Italian B-horror, including a fantastic soundtrack. Underrated composer and conductor Stefano Mainetti has done soundtracks for Italian sleaze masters Joe D'Amato and Bruno Mattei, but also for Weekend at Bernie's (1989) and First Blood (1982) director Ted Kotcheff, and Russell Mulcahy of Razorback (1984) and Highlander (1986) fame. His resume includes 1988's badass actioner Strike Commando 2 (aka Trappola Diabolica), exploitation horror flick from 1988 Ratman (aka Quella Villa In Fondo Al Parco), and 1995's The Shooter (aka Hidden Assassin) with the manly superstar Dolph Lundgren. Much like his Italian peers Fabio Frizzi, Claudio Simonetti, or Stelvio Cipriani, Stefano Mainetti can do it all: haunting synths à la John Carpenter, jazzy atmospheres, classical orchestrations, erotic funk, decadent FM rock, and the list goes on. His eclectic abilities and flair for '80s cinematic moods are well represented in Zombi 3: The Soundtrack.

Stefano Mainetti: ZOMBI 3 (Classic Edition)

Sequence I Stefano Mainetti 2' 00''
Sequence II Stefano Mainetti 1' 08''
Sequence III Stefano Mainetti 2' 00''
Sequence IV Stefano Mainetti 1' 04''
Sequence V Stefano Mainetti 1' 08''
Sequence VI Stefano Mainetti 1' 03''
Sequence VII Stefano Mainetti 1' 25''
Sequence VIII Stefano Mainetti 2' 00''
Nature Stefano Mainetti 2' 00''
Tumble Down Stefano Mainetti 2' 00''
The Sound Of Fear Stefano Mainetti 2' 00''
Slow Think Stefano Mainetti 56''
Tumble Down (instrumental) Stefano Mainetti 1' 16''
The Sound Of Fear (instrumental) Stefano Mainetti 1' 16''
Slow Think (instrumental) Stefano Mainetti 21''

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