Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe


The News Circle TNC1
  • 12”: 2nd pressing, disco sleeve
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Advanced, microtonal, free tekno trips from beyond the ultraworld…tomorrow’s news today. On ‘Gute Freizeit’, predator-mode bass cuts Moonraker-like across beats broken with fanatical, space-time-pricking precision...‘Prima Freizeit’ harnesses strobing trance motifs and bucking bionic drums into an all-out cubist jak-attak... while the subdued, four-dimensional, cooling-starfield bleep sequences of ‘Freizeit Special’ seem to merit, and necessitate, a genre of their own. Complex, cryptic but playful and compelling and bound by its own rock-solid internal logic, like some kind of Glass Bead Game designed by an alien civilisation way more sophisticated, and way more spangled, than our own. Unbelievably strong opening salvo from this new label. No digital.

Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe: Untitled

Prima Freizeit Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe 1' 30''
Gute Freizeit Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe 1' 30''
Freizeit Spezial Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe 1' 30''

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