Aluminium Tunes

Duophonic DUHFD20C
  • 3LP: Includes download
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Remastered edition of a compilation of Stereolab singles and rarities, first issued in 1998. Initial copies come on clear vinyl. Screenprinted gatefold sleeve. Includes download card.

Reissued alongside new vinyl editions of the companion volumes Switched On, Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2], and a CD anthology of all 3 volumes.

Stereolab: Aluminium Tunes

Pop Quiz Stereolab
The Extension Trip Stereolab
How To Play Your Internal Stereolab
Organs Overnight Stereolab
The Brush Descends The Lenght Stereolab
Melochord Seventy Five Stereolab
Space Moment Stereolab
Iron Man Stereolab
The Long Hair Of Death Stereolab
You Used To Call Me Sadness Stereolab
New Orthophony Stereolab
Speedy Car Stereolab
Golden Atoms Stereolab
Ulan Bator Stereolab
One Small Step Stereolab
One Note Samba Surfboard Stereolab
Cadriopo Stereolab
Klang Tone Stereolab
Get Carter Stereolab
1000 Miles An Hour Stereolab
Percolations Stereolab
Seeperbold Stereolab
Check & Double Check Stereolab
Munich Madness Stereolab
Metronomic Underground (Wagon Christ mix) Stereolab
The Incredible He Woman Stereolab

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