Subheim & Monolog


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  • LP: Includes download, Incl. printed Inner Sleeve, 180 gr Vinyl
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After the release of his third full length "Foray" (2015) and "Trails" (2016) SUBHEIM returns with his first cooperation release.

"Conviction" is the first collaboration of multifaceted electronic artists MONOLOG ("an impressively detailed assault on the senses" TEXTURA) and SUBHEIM ("Sometimes gloomy, and sometimes lush, but always sweeping and atmospheric" INTRO).

With "Conviction", Monolog and Subheim merge two worlds together by using the same creative triggers: Berlin's night sky, the urban scenery, faces and places, action and reaction, the calm before the storm as well as the storm itself. Monolog brings structure with with his unique, unforgiving drum rhythms and heavy basslines while Subheim contributes fragile melodic undertones and lush ambiences to the whole.

"Conviction" is intentionally imperfect. It symbolizes the acceptance of its creators' very human nature: sometimes relentless and sometimes serene, a calm force that thrusts them forward like sea waves in winter. It's dark and heavy yet full of light and hope, expressing the closing of important chapters and the beginning of new ones.

Subheim & Monolog: Conviction

Wone Subheim & Monolog 5' 28''
Benedict Subheim & Monolog 5' 52''
Sumo Rimi Subheim & Monolog 4' 09''
Make Stones Cry Subheim & Monolog 4' 37''
Colorful Flight Subheim & Monolog 3' 42''

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