Sufjan Stevens

Carrie & Lowell

Asthmatic Kitty AKR099V
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Carrie & Lowell sounds like memory: it spans decades yet does not trade on pastiche or nostalgia. Stevens’s gauzy double-tracked vocals wash across the dashboard of long-finned, drop-top Americana, yet as we race towards the coast we are reminded that sunshine leads to shadow, for this is a landscape of terminal roads, unsteady bridges, traumatic video stores, and unhappy beds that provide the scenery for tales of jackknifed cars, funerals, and forgiveness for the dead. Each track in this collection of eleven songs begins with a fragile melody that gathers steam until it becomes nothing less than a modern hymn. Sufjan recounts the indignities of our world, of technological distraction and sad sex, of an age without either myths or miracle—and this time around, his voice carries the burden of wisdom. Carrie & Lowell accomplishes the rare thing that any art should achieve, particularly in these noisy and fragmented days: By seeking to understand, Sufjan makes us feel less alone.

Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell

Death with Dignity Sufjan Stevens 3' 00''
Should Have Known Better Sufjan Stevens 5' 06''
All Of Me Wants All Of You Sufjan Stevens 3' 41''
Drawn to the Blood Sufjan Stevens 3' 17''
Eugene Sufjan Stevens 2' 24''
Fourth of July Sufjan Stevens 4' 39''
The Only Thing Sufjan Stevens 4' 42''
Carrie & Lowell Sufjan Stevens 3' 12''
John My Beloved Sufjan Stevens 5' 06''
No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross Sufjan Stevens 2' 38''
Blue Bucket of Gold Sufjan Stevens 4' 43''

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