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SUGAI KEN is an electronic musician based in Kanagawa, Japan.
He combines synthesis with recordings of his daily surroundings to conjure the subtle and profound ambience of the Japanese nightscape. His music evokes a nocturnal peace, reflecting the intangible qualities of his memory and dreams.

A brilliant debut vinyl release On The Quakefish is an immersive exploration displaying a rugged invention, compressed into short bursts of electrifying genius.
The release represents a romantic desire for dispersion into nature. Earthy as well as ethereal in his appreciation for figurative beauty, SUGAI KEN summons the Zen tradition of Satori, imagining circumstances and atmospheres that are so silent, one can hear the sounds of the wind and water streaming. He invites one to listen with a sense of intimacy and introspection, reflecting on the extremes of subtlety.

Sugai Ken: On the Quakefish

Mukashi Sugai Ken 4'07''
Unari Sugai Ken 6'16''
Utsuo no Maigiri Sugai Ken 7'00''
Outousen Sugai Ken 2'43''
Denden Sugai Ken 5'59''
Sha Sugai Ken 3'46''
Rumon Sugai Ken 3'25''
Awai Sugai Ken 5'26''
Raden Sugai Ken 1'45''
Mayoiga Sugai Ken 2'22''
Kankou Sugai Ken 6'19''
Keishukusen Sugai Ken 3'25''

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