Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare)

Ascetic Ideals

Modern Love Love078lp
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Suum Cuique is the alias used by Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker to vent his purest analogue noise experiments. Giving a stoic nod to the hardware emissions of Mika Vainio or Maurizio Bianchi, and conducted with a meditative practice comparable with Eleh, his 2nd album 'Ascetic Ideals' is the sound of Miles' machines coaxed into revealing their bleakest secrets, often recorded straight from the mixing desk with no overdubs or edits. Aesthetically, it's closest to his Demdike Stare material, as opposed to his Pendle Coven or MLZ releases, and was - perhaps unsurprisingly - crafted in between sessions for the 'Elemental' album. But these tracks are far more stark, murky and extreme than anything in the Demdike cache. The sound veers between outright shock attacks like opener 'Strohtopf' to plangent techno malfunctions on 'Kuiper Analysis' and the shellshocked, Alberich-like sound sphere of 'Core Values', leading us blindfolded thru the infernal torture chambers of 'Proton Aesthetic' and the Carpenter-esque closing sequence 'Dionysus Decay'. Recommended for the headstrong, just make sure to play this double loud.

Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare): Ascetic Ideals

Strohtopf Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 3' 28''
Kuiper Anomaly Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 4' 00''
Atlas Levels Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 5' 37''
Core Value Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 7' 50''
Intonation Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 8' 44''
Deus Ex Machina Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 5' 15''
Proton Aesthetic Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 4' 16''
Dionysus Decay Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) 5' 10''

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